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At Maria Montessori Preschool we offer early childhood education and care for children 3-6 years old in a respectful and responsive child-centered environment that fosters all aspects of their social, physical, cognitive, emotional, and aesthetic development at a pace that is developmentally appropriate.

The Montessori Cycle One Educational Program is a program designed for children 3 to 6 years old and consists of a minimum of 2 years. The program is mixed age and the benefits of a mixed age group is significant and crucial to enable children to learn skills such as grace, social skills as well as leadership skills.

The children are provided with plenty of opportunities to explore and be responsible towards their own learning. Our role as educators will involve careful observation and preparation of the learning environment to ensure that children are provided with choices and freedom within limits.

Key Principles of the Montessori Method

Children learn through sensitive periods

Children learn through their senses

Children thrive through order and structure

Children need freedom

Multi-aged classrooms

The role of a teacher is of a directress who plans and prepares the environment, introducing the materials briefly and systematically

Children learn using the didactic materials as they are self-correcting

Practical life, sensorial, language and mathematics are the four main areas in the Montessori program

Montessori education also includes creative arts, music and movement, science, nature study, geography, and cultural studies.

Montessori curriculum is child-focused and based on principles of child development.

Materials are made easily accessible to children in the classroom

The fundamental or 3-period lesson is used with every demonstration

Attendance Requirements

Minimum attendance for 3-year-old is 2 days.
Minimum attendance for 4-year-old is 3 days.