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Enrolment Information

We welcome and encourage families to come and visit our Preschool, please call 9545 0764 to schedule a personal tour.

1. Prior to completing a waitlist form, please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions (green button below) and Our Handbook (yellow buttons below).

2. To be considered for enrolment, families must complete a Waitlist Application through our software provider SmartCentral.
Click on the blue button below as this will take you directly to the waitlist form.

3. Waitlist applications must be accompanied with a non-refundable enrolment fee of $50.
It is important to be mindful that we will not review waitlist applications until the enrolment fee has been paid.

4. Once enrolment fee and waitlist application has been received, we will review and send you an email from SmartCentral requesting more information.
Please be mindful this email is from SMARTCENTRAL not Maria Montessori. Important information is included in this email such as days that are available to you, start dates, etc.

5. Click on the link in the above-mentioned email and complete the rest of the enrolment form, make sure you submit at the end.
At this stage you will be required to pay your bond as well. Bank details noted below.

6. When we have received the completed enrolment form and the bond money, we will confirm your enrolment at our Preschool.

7. Places at the preschool are offered based on availability.

8. Once your enrolment is confirmed, we will schedule for your child’s orientation visit.

Maria Montessori bank details are
BSB: 083 419 | Ac: 195349906 | Ref: Your child’s name